Workshop on Souvenirs of Djerdap UNESCO World Geopark

On December 14, the Workshop Souvenirs of the Djerdap UNESCO World Geopark was held in the hall of JP “Djerdap National Park”. The production of souvenirs in the area of Djerdap Geopark, and above all in the Djerdap National Park, has a long tradition, and apart from individual producers, souvenirs were also made by entrepreneurs, entire families, and women’s associations.


International Mountain Day

A mountain is dominant morphological form, set of landscapes, the basis of forest zonation, diverse habitats, and finally models the character of people. So many symbolism in one term – mountain.

boljetinsko brdo

World Soil Day (WSD)

The development of the Earth’s crust is also reflected in the decomposition of rocks and the formation of soil. Soil is made up of mineral matter (originating from rocks or sediments), organic matter, water and air in the interstices of particles.